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I have been silenced.
Or, at least they tried since I still feel a whimper left in my throat. There is a working vocal cord. It is involuntary and must work until crushed properly. I am telling you that I am not dead. Not yet.

Maybe my heart’s still beating? I mean, if there is a heart inside. Conditionally. If luckily it’s alive and the aorta intact, I can try sipping in oxygen again and move again. To move on.

Are my words enough proper? Can you read my grammar? If my brain is in the skull, may I dare think again? Of freedom.

Who knows if life is freedom, or is it a cage? If I don’t move, is that liberty? If I’m drowned, is that liberty? Gaining hope, is that freedom? Or losing it all is called liberty? I was born confused.

Did they feel I am done? While I was falling somewhere did they assume I was gone? Did I actually fall or I was just alone? Guess it was all only relative. We all guess you know. You know?

Can you hear me?
Or I have been silenced? I still feel a whimper left in my throat.

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