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There was Love

A red brick corridor extended into a wide concrete ground, with well maintained flat top hedges making two-sided boundaries, whereas the third row made a vista between lined trees. Buzz of chatter could be heard from a distance. Students spoke of their moments and problems, conflicts and group study assignments, puns and conspiracies, meaningful smiles on faces as their heads bent to their phones; but as the shortest of all explanations, it was only a buzz.
Sabrina was a part of that scene; invisible from some hundred kilometers of height, but present.
“Are you sure about this?” her lips went quiet when her eyes read the text.
“Are you not?” She texted him back.
“You said, it’s next to impossible to sneak out or trick your guards”
“That was when we were strangers” she typed quickly, “It would be nice to sit next to each other”
“Tell me, what’s the plan? When? Where?”
Her lips curled into a light smile and her focus shifted to his display picture. He was smiling; bright forehead, and high cheekbone that forced his smile to create a dimple in his left cheek.
“It is Gale?” Tory pushed her elbow in her arm.
“Oh yes, he is cute. I am proposing that we should meet”
“How are you going to get away with this from your dad?”
“I guess I can steal away some time, at least for one time”
“One time?” Tory chuckled, “You don’t look that flirt by face”
“Looks can be deceiving, haha… but I think he is really charming.”
“Let’s hope for the best. This looks heavy though, considering your situations. And him…” Tory pointed at a distant black limousine that was waiting for Sabrina, “How about that boy? He looks more handsome to me than your new charming net buddy”
Sabrina zipped her bag, climbed down two stairs to step into the open ground and threw a casual look at Oscar, who waited in the limousine in a company guard suit. He was looking straight at the horizon; knowing that his boss’s daughter had seen the car; he was least bothered about calling her to hurry. It was a part of his duty to wait for his masters’ comfort.
“Maybe you should go talk to Oscar for yourself if you’re interested, but to be frank, sorry for spoilers but he’s a dummy.”
Tory started walking with her to the gate.
“How so?”
“That day, my Perry was afraid of this large dog my neighbors got. I was trying to get my hidden Perry out of space beneath my backyard lodge. I was in shorts you know, and this boy sat behind me at some distance, tightening some machinery bolts of my dad”
“well, he didn’t respond at all to my movement… I bent down more than once, you know”
“I guess I know what you mean” Tory hid smile under her lips; Oscar was still looking forward at somewhere on the road.
Soon Sabrina bid farewell to Tory and moved to sit in the limousine alone. Her phone beeped again
“I wish our meeting lasts forever”
“What can you do to make your wish come true?”
“Anything that doesn’t upset you”
Sabrina smiled and looked out of the window, dreaming beautifully her teenage dreams without realizing Oscar watching her in the back mirror.
But then she did!
Looked at him straight and kept looking at his bold eyes admiring the inches of her face.

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