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The Cursed Blessing (ch#1)

Stella never believed in magic. But that day was different. How could she defy her own eyes? She was sure that a boy
jumped from the roof of his house to the other corner of the street. While she was trying to
make some logic in her mind, the little boy turned back, looked up and waved her. Standing shocked in
the window of her aunt’s house, Stella didn’t respond. Instead, she ran downstairs and headed straight
towards the kitchen, where her aunt was preparing breakfast for everyone.
This was Stella’s first day in Town Mia. It was a small town and she was here to visit her aunt for the first
time. Town mia was beautiful and Stella loved the charm in the atmosphere. She was happy that she
chose to spend vacations at such a lovely and quiet place far away from the noise of New York. But
in spite of all the freshness of surrounding, there was something mysterious in the air. And now when she
had seen the boy jumping and almost flying casually, she had no option but to ask aunt Suzaine.
As soon as she entered the kitchen, aunt turned looked in her eyes and smiled. Before Stella could say
anything, she said
“ so you have seen Mark! Don’t rush dear. Just relax, lemme be free I will tell you everything”
It was enough to strike the nerves of Stella. All at once she felt suffocated and decided to leave this
mysterious place as soon as possible.
“ don’t think of running from here dear. It’s not as bad as you are thinking”
Stella’s eyes widened with fear but she didn’t say anything and didn’t think anything. Her thoughts were
being read by Aunt Suzaine. She left quietly and closed the door of her room. She sat on her bed and
started syncing the events that had been happening since yesterday. Her mind was aching and didn’t
realize when she fell asleep.
A sharp knock at the door woke her up.
“ open the door, Stella. It’s me, Joe”
Stella remained still in her bed. She wasn’t ready for more surprises. But joe kept on knocking.
“ I know you aren’t sleeping. I can see you”
Completely frustrated, Stella jumped out of bed and opened the door. Joe was standing right in front. He was
the younger son of aunt and was hardly 7 years old.
Come in you little smart thing. You could see me even from behind the door. Wow. But I’m not afraid
anymore. I’m just wondering what’s going on here. Is there anyone normal here?
“yes, we all are normal human beings. Strangely, you have no power. Mom told me that people in
your area have no specific abilities that’s why you are afraid of us,”
Before Stella could ask detail, the window glass broke and then the mirrors on walls also cracked and fell
. It was so unexpected that they both ran out of the room to save themselves.
“What was that? What’s going on here?” Stella asked but joe was also looking pale. She could hear aunt
Susanne shouting from downstairs and asking if they were alright?
“lily needs to be stopped. It’s going out of hands.” Stella heard the aunt saying. She rushed downstairs and
realized that all the windows of the house were broken. Aunt Susan was sitting on a couch in the living room
and was looking very frightened and tired.
“We are sorry we didn’t want to welcome you this way but whatever you saw couldn’t be hidden. Your
mom should have told you but I don’t know why she sent you here all clueless”
“ mom knew everything? That’s strange but if you explain it will become easier for me to understand.
Please tell who is mike and who is lily. How can you all read my mind”
“ Not all of us can read your mind. There are more than a thousand people in this town and everyone is
blessed with one special power. Like I can read you and joe can see across the barriers” aunt Susan
finally started lifting the veil from the secret.
“ seriously?” it was unbelievable for Stella.
“yes. Hundreds of years before a saint blessed our ancestors with this charm. So every child in our
community is naturally born special in his or her way with one unique power.”
“are you people using these powers for destruction as well” Stella pointed towards the shattered pieces
of glass on the floor.
“ no, the blessing came with a condition as well. The condition was that no person Will use the power
for negative purpose. If he tries to do so. He will be cursed.”
“what type of curse”
“Oh, no one knows what type of curse that maybe. But whenever it happened it was really bad for the
victim and leaves victim until he or she is in pain forever or even is dead sometimes.”
Now Stella knew the reason why aunt and joe were looking so frightened.
“ who is lily? Is this also some kind of curse?” she wanted to ask everything about this mysterious place
where she had to spend a month or longer.
“ Lily is the elder sister of Joe. My lovely daughter. She is thirteen. How can she be cursed at this tender
age?” aunt Susan voice was shaky and full of grief.
“ that’s sad. But what did she do? Isn’t there any way to reverse the curse?” Stella was also feeling pity for
a poor little girl.
“ she tried to protect one of her friends who was a juvenile from the law by using her powers. But she
accepted her fault. She even apologized” Stella could see tears in her eyes.
“ Since then every after a week or so something bad happens with her or in our home. Just like it
happened today. There is only one way to reverse the curse but no one knows about it except the saint
Leverel in the far east woods. I have heard that finding the remedy of the curse is next to impossible. Many
people tried but failed.” There was not a single trace of hope in her voice
“ where does saint Leverel live? How and where can I meet him?’ Stella inquired impatiently.
“what? Oh dear, you don’t get involved in this stuff or you will also have to suffer. We will do our best to
make your holidays most enjoyed. People here are wonderful…”
“I wanna meet saint Laverel. Is there anyone who can tell me? Or I will have to find out on my own? “
Stella was determined to help the poor girl.
“are you serious?” aunt Susan asked in disbelief
“ yes. I will do my best to free lily and your home of the curse. Please guide me and pray for my
It took three days to convince aunt Susan and mom back at home. No one was ready to put Stella’s life
at stake at any cost. But she was determined. To her pleasant surprise, some other people also showed
interest in going with her but all she needed was a little guidance where to find saint Leverel. There was
only one person who could tell her and he was the priest of the church of town mia. It was a lovely morning
when Stella went to church to meet Mr.Peter and find out what does he know.
The church hall was empty when she entered the door. Father Peter was sitting on the first row and his eyes
were closed as if he was praying. Stella hesitated a moment.
“’come in Stella, I have been waiting for you for a week.”
This.time she didn’t get surprised.
“ so you were expecting me before I even came to this town?”
“yes, I knew the time has come”
“time for what?” Stella inquired impatiently.
“ This is too early to get all the answers, my dear child. Continue your journey towards north and mist will
clear from your mind and this town as well.”
Father peter rose from his seat, turned towards Stella and said in a whisper
“You have been chosen. Wish you luck. I am not allowed to help you more.”
Before she could ask or understand anything, he left the hall. She ran after him but he raised his hand to
stop her from following him and disappeared in the hallway.
She wasn’t expecting such a short meeting. Now she was left with nothing but only one clue.

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