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“Stopping by the place I know ..”

I left the crew and moved apart !!
To find you and my lost parts !!

Stopped by the sheds we stayed at first ..
And swore to patch up for the rest !!

I Smelled the grass and the leaves,
They witnessed you and my eves !!

found my words echoing around !!
Following your breaths and the sound..

I stayed up late that night ..
Taming ballad to the cites ..

Pinning the griddle by broken walls ..
Comprehending the phantoms of stalls..

I saw very of my surroundings glanced at your visage .. !!
So did I, kept the vignettes fervently replying u all the time..

The diffidence of eventide is worth telling ..
saw stars gorged, accumulating the centuries of stranded thirst .. !!

Yet the best explained is less explained ..
To all the happenings of stark blunt Thames ..

The Objects of terror glazed my sanity rigors..
I couldn’t crimp the conceptions of dingy metaphors in my psychotic remorse .. !!

“I wrote many versions of sights that night !!
Though engraved reality of that place all along !! ”.

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