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From sheep to satanist

I just wanted to write poems,
to get this off my cheast,
Maybe make a friend or two
Someone who shared my interest,
But instead i found myself
Getting bugged like insects,
People wanting to point the finger
In my face, The index.

Now i’m a satanist for simply
Saying something you dont like,
Are we debating?
Seems like your the one
who strayed from the light,
I cant call myself religious,
Me and jesus aint that tight,
But your cross over the truth,
like the crucifiction of christ.

Being called a liar and a sheep,
For caring for my fellow man,
When im not the one whos following
Just like a caravan,
And i know your just repeating it
Just like a parrot damn,
Now i’m labelled as a terrorist
Am i the Taliban?

I stand accused
Of being brainwashed
By the mainstream news,
But you dont know me,
Or understand how,
I have gathered my views.
Your sounding deranged,
Or maybe your bipolar,
Foaming at the mouth and choking
Like you’re the one with corona.

While my nearest and dearest
Works in respiratory clinics,
Saving peoples lives daily
In emergency theatres,
So i find it hard to believe
In your conspiricy theories,
Saying that covid doesnt exist,
Well i’m not going to hear it.

My wifes risking her life daily,
To save people that are dying,
She’s so strong but in her eyes,
I can see that she’s been crying,
And for every life lost,
Know that the doctors have been trying,
So for corona to be fake,
I’d have to know that she’s lying.

Anyway to all the people that say
That it’s not real,
It’s just the flu, get over it,
It ain’t a big deal,
Are we the sheep,
For wanting to keep our families close?
And keep our distance, Wear a mask,
have some respect for other folks?
Because in fact, if we are sheep,
There’s just one thing that i know,
I may be a sheep,
But your a wolf in sheeps clothes!

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