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These writing contests are a great way to nourish your talent and imagination. Not only you get a chance to be a winner every month, you also get 10 points per post to increase your Membership Level.
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Are you a romance writer? Or have a beautiful love poem to tell? Word scent has launched an exciting competition to find the cutest and romantic love poem of the month. Our team is looking for a powerful short English love poetry having strong emotions, impressive diction and romantic impact with the appeal to impress the widest possible audience. We welcome all the English love poem writers –be it gothic, contemporary, romantic or grounded. Send your romantic love poem today and enter the competition to win.
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Believe it or not, fantasy made our childhood colorful for more or less time. Do you have a fantasy poem to tell as well? Wordscent has especially kept this fantasy poetry category to facilitate your magical thoughts. Peek in this category to read some of the best fantasy poems from all over the world. We love to receive the original fantasy poetry and let the story-readers be the judge to choose the best. Enter competitions now and submit your poems of fairies, princesses and dreamlands!
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Who doesn’t like the idea of reading scary stories to tell in the dark? These short horror poems with scary ghosts have the entire thrill we crave. So it’s time to prove your skills, write some horror and send your entry in the competition. You can win the exciting prize by writing ghost poetry, Halloween poetry, short scary poems or even long descriptive poems with continuing episodes to keep the spark on.
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There is nothing more exciting than a passionate poem filled with suspense and thrill. You will find the best passionate poetry in this section. So if you are interested in sharing your intense emotions then we welcome you to this world of passion. Worldscent is always open to the submission of new and original online romantic and passionate poetry. Our mission is to publish best-untold passionate moments that are beautifully woven in stanzas. Our poetry contests aim to choose the winners based on their writing skills as well as their abilities to create a dramatic and heart-throbbing expression to keep the readers interested all the way through the poem.
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Gear up for some heart-pounding action poems, loaded with thrill and spine-tingling drama. This section is dedicated to mystery, suspense, and tension. The action-packed crime thriller and suspense thriller poetry will keep you wondering about the underlying meaning of the lines and thus provide you the most engaging entertainment. If you have a dark imagination yourself then here is the good news for you. You can promote your suspense short poems, psychological thriller poetry and mysterious expression on You can also participate in our competition to win exciting badges and prizes.
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Got a knack for telling humorous poetry? Here is the best platform for you. We love to publish your humorous and funny, hilarious and comic poems. truly appreciates your skills. Our team is always excited to highlight your talent of creating fun –as long as it does not contain racism, misogyny, homophobia, violence or other disparaging gross humor content. Share your own funny pieces of writing and bring lovely smiles on the faces of readers. Spreading joy in the dull lives of people is an art that cannot be mastered by everyone. Only a few gifted people get the privilege to bring laughs on the sad faces. So if you think you can make people smile with your words, then why not give it a try. We will let the world know about your talent.
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Interested in writing sad poems, sad love poems or sad poems about friendship and hurt? Then don’t wait and join our writing contest today touch the hearts of readers with sad poetry which will make the readers stop and think about the truthful reality of life and relationships. If you can express love in sadness then you can move people with words. If you can write a nice sad poem, you have the power to break the ice of hearts and let the waterfall from the eyes. A true writer makes people face the bitter truths which they have been avoiding and kept frozen in their hearts for life. You can send us as many entries in our contest as you want. Try to write on diverse topics. Don’t forget that the more work you submit the more views and vote you will get. These votes and views can increase your rank and you may lead the chart one day.
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Poets can be powerful enough to trigger a positive spark in people and turn their lives productive. If you have the capability to unfold a beautiful lesson into a poem, is the best platform for you to spread the light of your knowledge. Enter now today in the inspirational category of the free poetry contest, and let the world acknowledge your inspirational message.
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Do you have any epic or heroic ideas? Write to them now and let the world see your power of expression. No other genre of writing can compete with the strength of epic poetry. There was a time when writing an epic was proof of being a real poet. Although the trend of short stories has increased nowadays, an epic has its own charisma. We have dedicated this section for long submissions and if you are interested in reading or submitting an epic, this is the best place. You can write about ancient tales of griffins, dragons, rise, and fall of empires or share your vision about the future through a descriptive or lyrical heroic poem.
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Dear sonnet writers, we are looking forward to your latest entries in the writing contest. We value your power of rhymes and want your masterpieces as soon as possible. The musical sonnets have no limits and those who have got the talent to create nice sonnet poetry are remarkable. We love to read them and appreciate the efforts with positive feedback. So submit your sonnets right now and inspire your readers with your extraordinary poetical style. Pen down your craziest ideas without any doubt and maximize your chances of being the writing contest winner.
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CHILDREN POETRY is a great platform to get your children poetry published. So if you’re thinking you are talented enough to inspire the young minds Write for kids and write on any topic of your choice. You can submit children rhymes, moral poetry for kids and bedtime lullabies for toddlers as well. The content of these online kids’ poetry can be magical, adventurous, mysterious, fantasy-based or humorous. All you need to take care of while writing children's poetry is that you keep the length of the poem reasonable and it should be enjoyable for both parents and children. All of Your entries in writing contest will be highly appreciated. If you are a reader only then please comment on the poems of other writers so that they can have the feedback of their work and we also come to know what do you like the most.
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Do you have a lot to say in little words? Add some music in your stance and enter the free-verse poetry competition category on! We are here to read and understand you; spread your message to the world; and of-course, gift you for your gifted writing. Enter the monthly contest for free and choose this poetry category to send your poems on diverse topics.
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