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A Walk Together

In my long lost desires and fearful sights
Always being afraid of falling from heights

Hiding in my own shadow, taking slow quiet breaths
In fear of alerting my own self-harming threats

I walked on the sand alone
Counting my footprints trailing along

Sometimes I wished these footprints turned into four
So I’ll have someone whom I could recall

Then I saw you shining in my soul
Forcing me to breathe through the blows

You healed all my cuts and filled my life with lights
That lightened up my darkest nights

I wasn’t afraid of breathing freely now
And my demons left me with a bow

Now I saw four footprints in the sand
Shining sun and promising hands

But suddenly I looked back and saw only two
Crying because I thought He said Adieu

Continued walking I looked at the sky
Trying to find a reason not to cry

Suddenly I heard a voice near me say
“I’m carrying you, honey, just lead the way”

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