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A Dauntless Dove

Reaching the peak of your success
Is a dream that you just caress,
But know that you can be a dove
That can fly high and soar above.

Don’t fear to move out of your nest,
Have the valor to show your best
And ascertain that your every wing
Will bring you closer to your spring.

Learn to flap your wings, fly with love,
Rise high and be a dauntless dove
That won’t let any obstacle
Hamper the way and make it fall.

When you feel like you’re descending,
Feel weary, and want to stop soaring,
Think of the people who gave you
Strength to fly and continue.

From there, you’ll overcome despair
And realize that you should dare
To fly high not just for your own,
But also for them who never let you be blown.

When the rain of problems pour down,
Learn to pause, have a rest, don’t drown,
And always ask for God’s graciousness —
The sun that showers new chances.

Soar dauntlessly after the rain
Higher than you have been, and drain
Your heart from every adverse emotion
And fill it with great determination.

On your journey, you may find a rose —
A symbol of friendship that glows.
Get it and never lose sight of this treasure,
As well as the happy memories that you can’t measure.

Achieving your dreams isn’t the only thing that matters,
But it’s also the way towards it that never shatters —
The people you meet and the memories you create —
And that makes success and triumph more worthwhile as they await.

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