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About Wordscent

Wordscent is a new project started for story writers, literature lovers.

Wordscent is to provide a literary platform for professional as well as amateur writers to submit in various styles, lengths, and genres of writing in monthly contests and get feedback on their work in the form of mass voting, comments and monthly winning streak.

These contests are a great way to stretch your talent and imagination, and we dangle nice prizes to give you extra motivation.


Dear writers, you must review your work grammatically before submission.
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"If the book is true, it will find an audience that is meant to read it."
Wally Lamb

Is Writing Difficult?

Is Writing Difficult? Let Our Online Writing Contests Help You Write More

Writing is a productive skill. Like speech, we use our fingers to express what is in our mind and produce words _ beautiful words, woven like pearls to form our sentences. Imagine it like a swinging pendulum; to and fro swing of consonants and vowels that altogether create a beautiful rhythm in your writing. Wordscent writing contests help you write more through poetry contests and short story contests. These free to enter writing competitions can provide you motivation to actively participate in the monthly poetry and story contests to win prizes online.


Steps To Enter Free Online Writing Competitions on Wordscent

  • To take part in poetry contests and short story contests you need to register for a free account at takes only a minute!

 · Check your email for the activation link and click on the link to activate the account. Once activated, you continue to login page and sign-in. 

 · While you are signed in, go to www.wordscent/free-entries/new-entry/ And submit your beautiful writing for review

 · Once approved, your submitted poem or short story is displayed in Recent Entries of free poetry and short story contest for public voting


  • Wordscent admin selects one online prize winner every month out of the top 3 voted entries. 

 keep sharing your entry after you have successfully entered our free writing competition to have an opportunity to win prizes online without spending a penny.


    Wordscent Proofreading and Translation Services:

    Wordscent proofreading translation services are at your disposal to carve, refine and beautify your literary work to enter in free writing competitions and have better chances to win prizes.

    Poetry Writing is one of the sincerest expressions a person can produce; so most people are naturally comfortable to write poetry in their native languages. Now, you can go global to spread your poetical message by hiring Wordscent translation services. Our English translation service is provided by a group of professionals who understand the deeper meaning of your poems and translate them in English with absolute clarity. Our English Translation professionals consider synonymous words and choose the best words to maintain the poetical rhythm of your Poetry submission.

    Art and literature are never limited to one region, culture or language, therefore Wordscent steps forward to provide a writing-based platform to writers all over the world. Everyone cannot be a native English speaker, so the proofreading translation services are offered to fill the language barriers among writers. Whatever you write in whichever language can be expertly proofread and translated most charmingly by our proofreading, translation services providers. 


    International Writing Competitions

    Considering the thrill of submitting your entries in a short story and poetry contest, Wordscent organizes free writing competitions every month. The deadline for each short story and poetry contest with no entry fee is fixed on the 25th of each month; meanwhile, the submitted and approved entries are consistently voted by the users as well as guest visitors. The free writing competitions 2020 on Wordscent enforce few very simple rules to get your free entries approved. The ease of sending your writing is specially taken care of to keep the process simple on international grounds.